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Canadian Occupational Projection System (COPS)

Employment and Social Development Canada develops projections of future labour demand and labour supply by broad skill level and by occupation, using the models of the Canadian Occupational Projection System (COPS). The focus of the COPS models and projections is on the trends in labour supply, labour demand and in their respective components and determinants over a 10-year span. These projections allow for identifying those occupations that may face a shortage or surplus of workers over the medium term. The latest projections cover the 2011 to 2020 period. Click on the About the Projections section for important additional information regarding the COPS projections.

Users can search for occupational summaries, more detailed data and technical documents on the results or the methodology used to do the projections.

Click on any of the sections below to continue.

Projection Summaries

Use this section to quickly find summary information about labour demand and supply projections for 140 occupations in Canada.

Projection Data

Access full datasets used in the development of the occupational projections, including national employment measures, immigration, and gross domestic product by industry. It also includes occupational projections such as employment, deaths and job seekers. Users can view this data in tables and graphs.

Technical Documentation

The Policy Research Directorate (PRD) of ESDC uses a variety of models to produce labour market projections at the national level. Access full analysis and methodologies of these projections here.


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